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Best Sellers

【Green Farm】Millet

Millet is rich in carbohydrates, high quality proteins, vitamins and minerals, making it an ideal daily dietary choice for overall health, especially for gastrointestinal health, blood sugar control and immunity boosting.

【Green Farm】Natural Mixed Grains-18

The diverse blend ingredients of 18, including digestive-healthy sorghum, makes it an excellent choice for people with specific health concerns.

Natural Mixed Grains

【Green Farm】Natural Mixed Grains-7

A versatile choice for the whole family, the Nutrition Facts of it appeals to both adults and children.

【Sun Right】Natural Mixed Grains-10

A perfect proportion of blend from 10 different kinds of grain based on daily nutrient needs.

Recommend Products


【Sunright】Crispy Pancake Mix

【Sunright】Seafood Omelet Powder

【Sunright】 Hsin-Chu Rice Noodle

【Chef Dragon】Chili Oil Splash Wide Vermicelli

【Chef Dragon】Hot & Sour Vermicelli

【Chef Dragon】Salted Egg Flavored Vermicelli

【Chef Dragon】Spicy Crab Flavored Vermicelli【Chef Dragon】Tom Yum Gung Wide Vermicelli

【Chef Dragon】Zanthoxylum Sesame Wide Vermicelli

【Chef Dragon】Toona Sesame Wide Vermicelli (Vegan)

【Chef Dragon】Zanthoxylum Sesame Wide Vermicelli  【Chef Dragon】Toona Sesame Wide Vermicelli (Vegan)

Sunright's story in Taiwan

Sunright, means doing the things in the right way under the sun and was established in 1975 by the chairman” Liu Qing Tang ”, who first created the small-pack business model in Taiwan. Until now, the innovative model has succeeded over 45 years as a pioneer of small-pack revolution in Taiwan's traditional market.

To serve more consumers and satisfy the different demands, Sunright now has two factories with automated production lines in Nantou, Taiwan, one producing sesame oil, fried chicken powder, flour and sugar, and the other producing vermicelli noodle which is also called cellophane noodle or glass noodle.