Company Introduction

Sunright, meaning doing things in the right way under the sun, was established in 1975 by chairman” Liu Ching Tang ”, who first created the small-pack business model in Taiwan.

Sunright now has two factories with automated production lines in Nantou, Taiwan, one producing sesame oil, fried chicken powder, flour and sugar, and the other producing vermicelli noodle which is also called cellophane noodle or glass noodle.

Our vision aims to make Sunright become the best brand of vermicelli and produce healthiest vermicelli in the world.

Factory Introduction

Nangang Factory One

Sunright set up the factory in Shenkeng in 1988, and moved to Nantou in 1993 for building up the auto-mated-production lines for the sake of hiking demands.

Top 10 Product Categories

「Flour」、「Mixed Grains」、「Starch」、「Sugar」、「Noodles」、「Oil」、「Snacks」 、 「Drinks」 、「Mixed Powder」 、 「Beans」

Manufacturing and Quality Assurance

  1. We meticulously select high-quality raw materials, and each stage from raw materials to semi-finished and finished products undergoes rigorous quality control inspections.
  2. We employ modern packaging equipment and a dedicated production line to ensure that the production process remains free from contamination.
  3. Raw material warehouse management: (1) Raw materials are stacked on pallets to ensure optimal storage conditions. (2) Strict inventory management of raw materials is maintained, following the first-in, first-out principle.
  4. Factory hygiene standards: Our personnel strictly adhere to regulatory hygiene standards, including the use of appropriate attire. Additionally, we have installed special doors and air showers to enhance the cleanliness of both the factory premises and the workforce, thereby preventing cross-contamination.

Nangang Factory Two

Sunright set up the second automated-production factory of Glass Noodles in Nantou, and started the mass production in 2018 with the newest manufacturing equipment, with the competitive production process with manufacturing and model patents, and import many international-level quality control systems.

We wish to become the best brand of vermicelli in the world,

Manufacturing and Quality Assurance

  1. We have a state-of-the-art, immaculate factory facility with central air conditioning that meets FSC certification standards.
  2. We have implemented a high-energy-efficient water resource recycling system, and our production line is designed for automation.
  3. We offer a comprehensive raw material traceability and production record system.
  4. We have a complete research and development process as well as quality control procedures to ensure food safety.
  5. Our finished product inspection (OQC) includes testing basic parameters such as moisture content, viscosity, and whiteness for both semi-finished and finished products. Additionally, we can arrange third-party testing through reputable organizations like SGS as needed.

Our Global Distributors

Sunright provides one-stop solution for global clients, offering grocery wholesales and professional OEM/ODM services that you can export from Taiwan directly and easily.

Offline Channels

Social Media

ESG Movement


  • Environment - water wastage reduction, carbon reduction
  • Social - Food material and books donation
  • Governance - Supplier management, create win-win solutions with partners, friendly workplace

Earthworm Aquaponics System

To cool down cooked vermicelli, we use 100 tons of water. This water contains starch and other organic nutrients. After cooling down the vermicelli, the organic wastewater flows to a fish pool, worm pool, and vegetable platform. The fish, earthworms, and vegetables use the nutrients in the wastewater to grow. The earthworm aquaponics system recycles the organic wastewater, and we share the fish and vegetables with local residents and employees.

Vision & Mission


More Energy


Satisfy diverse customer needs with excellent noodle technology, and be a sustainable enterprise that values the spirit of ESG.


Become a natural, convenient, and healthy food professional provider, co-creating excellence with customers.

Value System

Honesty, Humble, Health, Creativity 

Food safety certification

Our company has passed FSSC, HACCP and ISO 22000 certification. These certifications demonstrate that our food safety management system is effective and that we are committed to providing safe and high-quality food. We believe these certifications will help us to maintain our leading position in the competitive food industry.

Food safety certification
Food safety certification
Food safety certification
Organic certification
Organic certification