Sunright Foods is a Taiwan Foods company established in 1975 and our mission is to become professional provider of the natural, convenient and healthy miscellaneous food worldwide

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Our Mission is Healthy Delicious Creative

We aim to provide healthy and delicious food for people in the whole world.

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Sunright Foods was established in 1973 by the Chairman” Liu Qing Tang”, who first created the small-pack business model, which conceived during the inspection trip to Japan. Until now, the innovative model has succeed over 40 years as a pioneer of small-pack revolution in Taiwan’s traditional market. Sunright set up the factory in Shenkeng in 1988, and moved to Nantou in 1993 for building up the auto-mated-production lines for the sake of hiking demands.

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We provide one-stop solution for global clients, offering grocery wholesales and professional OEM/ODM services that you can export from Taiwan directly and easily.

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Professional provider of the natural, convenient and healthy miscellaneous foods.
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